Songwriter, Singer and Guitarist for the Michigan based punk trio The Tosspints, I cut my teeth writing and recording with a heavy DIY mindset that got more attention than I ever thought it would. Touring across the United States earned me some good friends, we played some really cool festivals Like CBGB’s Fest in New York City, and Muddy Roots inn Tennessee, Summerfest in Milwaukee and I got to do some direct support shows for some of my favorite bands even picked up some awards and recognition like from local stuff to the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. That would make an excellent lifetime career if I were to hang it up, , but I’m not done.

Now here I am a 40 year old dad, a disabled war veteran with a service dog and I love to get up on a stage with a guitar and my dog and yell at strangers about my problems once in a while because it makes me feel good. For the most part, people seem to like it. I always write from my own life and about my own problems and insecurities, and even though you can’t necessarily dance to it, and it’s not marketable to everyone, the people it does strike a chord with it hits home so hard that they feel a deep connection. As Tom Trauma from put it; “He writes unbelievably confident sounding songs about his lack of confidence. The music and lyrics are the voice for the words he is unable to speak. It’s so emotionally raw that it might make a squeamish listener turn away”.

I feel pretty ok about all that. My current goals are to just write as much and as often and my body will keep up with and to play whenever someone will give me the mic, and me and my service dog, Harbaugh will make a good showing until there aren’t any songs left to sing.

Donny and Harbaugh during the “Christmas in Prison” video shoot. Photo by Avram Golden