Recent Work

Specializing in print, web, and interface design
as well as photography, Illustration, and digital painting.

About Me


DonI went to high school in Midland Michigan, where we were fortunate enough to have a graphic arts program. I had always taken art classes and wanted to try my hand at creating digital works and printing them. The second I laid my hands on the computer I was hooked. After graduation from high school, my brother and I had gotten some money together and recieved a large loan, with the money we started our own t-shirt shop.

I really enjoyed making shirts, and I was going to college and having fun, but it wouldn't last long for me. In 2001 I changed my enlistment from the National Guard to the full time Army, leaving my business and my brother to fend for themselves but still telecommuting graphics work for them. I spent several years in the military and had a short stint as a part time tattoo artist to feed my need for creativity. It was this that had caused me to make the decision to get out of the Army and go back to school to do what I loved...

Education and Experience

I attended Saginaw Valley State University and recieved my Bachelors of Arts in Graphic Design, with a minor in Communications. I had previous experience designing for aparrel, and I took my chances at freelancing, where I had moderate success, but after a couple years, I got tired of the hustle that it takes to make a buck. Last year I took a job as an in house designer working for an international software company doing everything from print media to user interface design as well as video production. Now I have the best job in the world... I use my sense of creativity to make boring things more beautiful and fun. Whether it is here or if I move on, I know that I love this and I will be doing it for the rest of my life.

Future Plans

For a future goal, I know that I would like to move up in the world, get into art direction and possibly teaching at the college level so I can mentor young people and help them to develop the skills and mindset it takes to do this. I love it, and want to encourage others who could love it as much as I do. I know that if I didn't have support, mentorship and praise I may have been discouraged, so I am glad that the people in my life helped me to stay the course.